Friday, May 12, 2017

Unexpected going away gift

Often we don't know what impact we've had on others.  During my studio sale days before the move, I found out some of it.  One particular person really touched me by making the effort to come and chat.  She'd been in a class with me and we worked together well and enjoyed each other but once I opened the Georgetown studio, and then started having medical problems that just disrupted everything, we drifted apart.  So I was really happy to see her and enjoyed catching up.  Then, she gave me one of her small watercolor pieces as she was leaving.  I just found it during some unpacking in my studio so I'm sharing it here.  

I think it was intended as a bookmark,   so I can either laminate it and use it for that or frame it and add it to my wall of art gifts from other artists.  I'm leaning toward the latter but since I don't yet have my framing supplies or tools unpacked I have some time to think about it.

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