Friday, October 24, 2008

Kidney stones, not much better the second time around

I haven't been blogging much over the last month. I thought it was because of a couple of kidney infections and then just an overwhelming sense of fatigue afterwards. My doctor, given my previous history of giant stealth kidney stones, thought it might be good to have a CT scan and see if there was any damage. So, I did that today, and I have a couple of good size stones starting to obstruct one kidney. Hence, the fatigue. I'll write about anything I'm actually doing, other than watching TV and sleeping, but for now, let me just remind everyone - nag your doctor until they find out what's wrong, especially if the symptoms are fairly subtle. Next week, I get to harass my urologist until he reschedules my appointment to sometime in the next month rather than the first part of December... Either that, or find a different doctor. I really don't want to spend November sleeping. Or have to start dialysis.