Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Now what? More lemonade...

My back surgery was in August 2013.  It's now October 2014 and the pain has started up again.  *sigh*  So, I am making some changes in what and how much I do to lower my physical stress.  This has meant moving out of my Georgetown studio so I can rest and heat my back as needed.  And this has been very sad for me, to leave the shared space and have to rethink my work.  But today, Lisa Call blogged about resetting life goals and feeling untethered.  Great timing!  What a good way to reframe what I'm going through right now.

I particularly liked this quote:   "Great big audacious dreams take time to germinate."

I will remember that when I feel like I'm floundering.

So, what lemonade am I making now?

I'm taking an excellent course on writing & illustrating children's books taught by Dana Sullivan at the Kirkland Arts Center.  Learning lots and pushing myself to broaden my ideas on art.

I'm expanding my accessories to more than scarves for the 2 gift shops I'm currently working with.  Inspired by the origami exhibit at BAM, I'm trying out some 3D fabric flowers.  Here's a pic of my first batch of tryouts.

And I'm doing a lot of thinking and germinating.

In between doctor appointments.

I hope to have some new goals by next spring.  And less back pain.  *cross fingers*