Thursday, May 4, 2017

Studio beginning to emerge

Between running off to do some excellent birding and unpacking and organizing in my studio, I have not been very chatty lately.  But today I began to see the studio layout emerging and so I took some pics to share.

You may remember I posted my plan for the studio layout about a month ago.  Today, I finished putting the elfa drawers in their appropriate location and separating the boxes of supplies so they were close to where their drawers are so unpacking should be much easier.  And my sewing table is now where I can actually sit down and sew, assuming I get the power source set up.  The shot of the same space in April had the bicycles in the front.  The bikes are still there, I just cropped them out.  Because the studio is the star, right?

From front to back on the left:  sewing machine table (machine has red cover), elevated ironing and fusing table along the wall, corner cutting table with boxes stacked on top.  The boxes on the right are hiding the main work table from view.  It will be 4 ft wide and 7 feet long once I get the padded & waterproof work surface made.  (Plywood & batting with fusible vinyl).

And below is the view from the door leading to the house.  The cutting table is in the back on the right, the work surface elfa drawers are center/left and that table on the right is the dye table.

Tomorrow, I work on unpacking those boxes, putting the already full drawers in the right stack and setting up the sewing machine.  And if I have the time and energy, putting together a stopgap work table top that will let me work on printing some fabric before I go to the hardware store and make the final work surface top.  I'm at that point where I can see the light at the end of the tunnel so I'm getting set to dash for the finish.  How quickly I'll finish totally depends on the weather because if it's sunny, the call of the birding will be very strong.  It feels really wrong to hope for a rainy weekend but there it is, my no lose situation.  Birding or fiber art?  What a choice!

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