Thursday, August 8, 2013

Spirals and surface texture

I am really excited about my newest work which grew out of an exercise to try out some variegated thread in a different way.  This is now turning into a whole new series where I explore spirals and surface texture and do a lot of work with my sewing machine.  I had to stop using my machine for most of the last year due to back problems but those have been resolved enough that I am now stitching away again.  And, WOW!, is it fun.

Here's the first of the small samples I did.  I liked the layering of the batik with the sheer with the stitched spiral quite a lot and have done several more of these which should show up on my webpage over the weekend.  This piece is 6 inches square so the spiral stitched part is about 4 inches.  A lot going on for such a small space, eh?

The little spirals came out of trying out samples of stitching for this larger piece which is 14 inches square.  I handcarved the yin-yang stamp and printed it on a piece of hand dyed organza.  Then added the stitching to emphasize the texture.  This piece will probably be framed with a mahogany wood frame which will pick up some of the darker tones in the smallest spirals.  It too was an experiment in simplifying my focus and working with one element in differing ways.  

With both of these pieces, I had a lot of fun varying the width of the stitch to change the color of the variegated threads.  Not to mention the joy of painting with thread again....  I am excited about the work and really happy to be hitting that sweet spot where I'm full of joy and playing in the studio.