Monday, April 27, 2015

More electric things to commute with - what fun!

Today's email brought a review from Slate about electric scooters, and by this they mean the ones you stand up on not the ones like a bike.   Actually, they cover various electric vehicles ways to make that last mile or two from the subway/train on your commute.  Including the Solowheel I mentioned last time.  There are spiffy pictures and the reviews give price, convenience, portability and doofus factor ratings so pretty comprehensive reviews, imho.  Read all about it here.  I am now seriously contemplating the EcoReco scooter.  It seems to hit my sweet spot of portability, ease of use and price.

This picture is from the EcoReco website showing their blazing red color combo.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Solowheel - a Seguelike unicycle

My email this morning had this link from Grist about a staffer trying out the Solowheel.  Go see the video here.  This seems fun and compared to an electric bike price, very reasonable in cost.  I'd just want to know how to stop it before I bought one since the staffer seemed to have trouble with that issue.  Jumping off does work but, like on a bike, that's not always the safest way to dismount.

The Solowheel is local to Seattle and there are other, less expensive alternatives.  Here's a second look at one of those, the Airwheel.

Guess it's time to sell the electric scooter that has the same range but weighs over 200 lbs...

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Lake Samm birdwalk - warblers, swallows, and much, much more!

In anticipation of a day spent working on the taxes, I went birding this morning at Lake Sammamish State Park because it's April and I haven't seen any warblers yet.  Fortunately, the birding luck was with me and there were plenty of warblers.  Along with a feisty golden-crowned kinglet, several mergansers, lots and lots of swallows dipping gracefully over the kayak students on the lake, and a lovely photogenic gull who was not sure about posing for me.  I got this shot when he decided he'd had enough of the crazy birder lady with the camera.

It's nice to be back out on the birding trail.   I'm looking forward to many more days enjoying the wonderful connection with nature that I get watching the birds.  After the taxes.... *sigh*