Monday, February 20, 2012

On being a sane artist

It's been a hectic and emotionally fraught month as my entire family deals with a death. Not surprisingly, my time in the studio has taken a big hit, and that has brought up all the artist (& writer & other creators) thoughts about inadequacy, and loss of creativity, etc. Fortunately for me, today's email brought a link to a blog which had a video embedded in it: A TED talk by Elizabeth Gilbert. If you have ever and I do mean *ever* been down that dark path when thinking about your own creativity, then watch this video. She has some amazing things to say about creativity and its source and how to stay sane as a creator. As an aside, I'll point out that part of what made it resonate for me is that we have a family motto - "Every dog needs a job." It will make lots more sense after you watch her 18 minute talk. See it here.