Saturday, April 19, 2008

Yes! magazine and optimism

Sometimes the news is depressing. So I'm glad I've discovered Yes! magazine, which focuses on what solutions are working in different areas of life. (Their phrase on the cover is "Building a Just and Sustainable World". Yes, my hippie roots are showing.) The lastest issue, #45, is focused on Climate Solutions and I am really happy to see an article aimed at the mainstream family and how to completely reduce reliance on fossil fuels in 10 years. Baby steps, that I can do. There's also an article by Pete Seeger, and another about plug-in cars. This is the 3rd issue I've read and I finally subscribed. Normally, I don't subscribe to magazines as they're usually just a vehicle for lots of ads for stuff we don't really need. (See, hippie roots... ) This one is aimed at building community, solving problems and spreading the word. That kind of optimism and can-do attitude is exactly what I needed right now.

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Friday, April 11, 2008

Life runs over me...

The last couple of weeks have been pretty hectic. I took a glass bead making class last weekend and spent 2 days creating over 20 beads. the first few were pathetic, and the last few were pretty darn nice. But more about that later...

The last week has been spent taking care of our cat Cloudy (unofficially called FluffyButt). She had what appeared to be yet another bladder infection so off to the vet we went. Yes, there was an infection but there were also lots and lots and lots of teeny tiny stones in her bladder. Which required surgery. She came home today and will be on special food from now on so we don't do this again. The picture above is of the stones which are about the size of large grains of sand. Well, okay, a couple of grains of sand clumped together. She has my sympathies for the pain she must have had.