Monday, May 29, 2017

More studio progress

My studio setup is taking forever or so it seems to my impatient inner creative.  This last week brought some significant progress, however.  Jeff & James set up the upright elfa shelves that I will be using to store finished pieces and my framing supplies last weekend.  And this week, they went to the hardware store and got the exterior plywood for the work table surface.  I also took down the wire shelf on the back wall which clears space to put up even more elfa shelves on that wall.  So now all the hardscape is in place, except for the last bit of walls.  (It's a 9 ft wall so we need to borrow a ladder to install the shelf unit.)  I hope that the next time I talk about it everything will be in place and I'll be working away.

new shelf unit
The picture above shows the forward end of my workspace with the upright shelf unit (right under the garage door opener) acting as a divider from the bicycles.  The 2 sheets of plywood, sized 48" x 78", which have been glued together and are now drying, will be covered with batting and vinyl to give me a good work surface for screenprinting.  And in the back, I've got my white board up above the sewing cabinet so I can keep track of what I want to do next.

At the other end of my work area, the wall is now bare so I can install new shelving and the spot for the sink (lower right corner of the photo) is cleared of the stuff that needed to be moved into the house but was waiting on unpacking to clear its space.

It's starting to look like a functional workspace!  I'm hoping to have it all set up before the next weekend but we'll see how it turns out.  Neither developers or artists are known for being good at meeting deadlines.  I expect it's because we forget to estimate the time for solving the inevitable problems.

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