Monday, December 19, 2016

Soy wax fun from Jane Dunnewold

I've been playing around with Jane Dunnewold's techniques for using soy wax since her book, Vibrant Color, came out.  The painful part was always making the soy wax paste that can be used for a big variety of surface design techniques, including silkscreening, my particular interest.

Well now, Jane has come out with 2 different packages of premade soy wax paste.  So if you've been wanting to try some of these things out, but didn't want to invest in all the equipment to do it yourself until you'd experimented a bit, here's your chance.  Order before Dec 31 and get free shipping and an ebook version of the book above.  I have no financial interest in her success, just another artist who loves her clarity in explaining things and shares some of her interests.

Order here:

I'll be experimenting in this area in the next few months, in and around getting ready to move to Bellingham, and of course, I'll share pictures of what I do.  Happy Holidays to all who are celebrating now!

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