Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Reading while healing - Diane Fallon series

I have plans for blogging about what I did in 2016 and what I plan for 2017 but  healing from what should be my last major oral surgery has delayed that, probably until after my upcoming vacation.  Instead, I'm reading lots and lots of not too challenging books.  Partly inspired by a craving for order and happy endings, I've gone back and picked up the Diane Fallon series by Beverly Conner.   The first novel in the series is pictured below.

This series is very close to the spirit of the TV show Bones whereas I don't think the books it was supposedly based on are at all like the series.  Diane Fallon is a forensic anthropologist who is giving up traveling to foreign countries to document mass graves.  Instead, she has taken over running a small museum in Georgia and as the series progresses, there is a crime lab added to the museum and she becomes the local bone analysis person.  And she dates an FBI guy.   I recommend this series over the Temperance Brennan series because I prefer the writing and characters.  If you liked the Bones TV show, you might enjoy these.

I see my dental surgeon later today so here's hoping things are going well.

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