Friday, November 18, 2016

Greenbelt and Pokemon

It's been a rough month what with some major upheaval in my life and then the election.  So I've been spending lots of time on the greenbelt when it wasn't raining seriously looking for birds and since they're somewhat scare this time of year, finding some Pokemon.  This is part of my self-care, along with meditating and reading.  The nice thing about the greenbelt and Pokemon is that I can share them here.

In the fall, all the blueberry bushes along the greenbelt near Larsen Lake turn a gorgeous red.  And as some of the leaves start to fall, the bushes get a bit more sculptural rather than bushy.  I enjoy looking at them as part of the cycle of life and as beautiful parts of nature.

I start my walks on the bridge behind the Boys&Girls Club and usually I pick up some birds there.  Alas, on this walk, there were no birds around and instead I got this very common Pokemon Pidgey.

I also got lots of great nature shots showing the change of the seasons.  October & November are when we have fall here in the Seattle area and it's fun to see the contrast as the seasonal foliage goes away leaving the green stuff that's here all year.

I'm getting several common Pokemon on each walk and at least one new one every couple of days which is nice as I'm in that stretch of the game where I have to level up before things get really interesting.  Sometimes that makes me feel like this guy.

I hope you all are taking care of yourselves.  We're living in interesting times for sure.

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