Friday, March 10, 2017

Planning the new studio space

There's lots of packing that goes on while getting ready to move.  And for fun, during those breaks from packing, I go old school and make graph paper layouts of furniture and where it will go in the new space.  I did this for my studio space which is actually a little over half of the garage.  And yes, that means no car in our garage.  But as we just sold the second car today and we have a car canopy for the driveway, that's all good.  And I digress....

Back to the studio space.  It's a 2 car garage which has the water heater and furnace tucked into the corner closest to the interior of the house.  The freezer, scooter, ebike and lawnmower also have to fit in there somewhere altho we are adding a storage shed in the backyard for all the stuff that's normally stored in the garage, like christmas stuff.  Once all that space is allocated, I get the rest.  And we have aspirations to put in a sauna which I added to my graph paper layout in photoshop.

You'll probably have to click on the picture to read my tiny handwriting.  The scale is one square of graph paper is 8" so that I get stuff spread out enough to be sure there's adequate walking space in the work area.  I've decided to make a big screenprinting/dyeing/painting work table and that's the large rectangle floating in the middle of the garage.  Just above that is the freestanding elfa shelving that will act as a divider between the bike/lawnmower area and my workspace.  It's about 7" tall so it will also give me a visual barrier and right now I'm planning on using that area for framing work and storing framing supples.   To the right, up against the outer wall, is my sewing table.  It has 9 drawers which hold all my threads, bobbins, trims, etc and we're planning to install a pegboard between it and the bike area so I will have 2 wall areas to put up inspiring pictures and hang tools that I need handy.

Down the outer rightmost wall, the next table is the ironing surface.  For this I have a Big Board that I put on top of more elfa stacks of baskets.  This gives me a 24x60 surface for ironing and fusing.  (I also have a press for fusing but I'm not exactly sure where it's going yet.)  There's a small rolling cart that is tucked in there and will likely live next to the big work table as I cut the size of the work table from a 4x8ft full sheet of plywood to 4x6ft so I would have enough walking space around the table.  And then we come to the wall closest to the viewer.  In the house, the kitchen is on the other side of this wall so I'm planning to install a really big sink there.  I'm currently looking at the Utilitub which is 24x40 in size and is 16" deep. The top of it is 33" tall and it has a pullout faucet so I'm pretty sure it will be a big improvement over my short little bathroom sink in the current studio. The tub goes next to the water heater on the left, with my dye work table next to it.  And in the corner, a short swivel from the ironing surface, is the fabric cutting table with elfa drawers full of fabric sorted by type and color.

I'm now going to inventory how many elfa stacks I have currently, and how many I think will fit in here.  Then I get to do more downsizing so everything fits.  Wish me luck!

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